Welcome to Orsetto Angeleno

My name is Isabella Pedroli Giordano. This website is a hub for my interrelated endeavors - personal and professional - which are all connected by my love for cooking. That love is complicated and nuanced like most any other deep passion. It is not exclusive to the joy I derive from working with my hands and or the creativity I am able to express through my learned craft. Fellow cooks, novice and professional, utter and live the sentiment, "to cook with love.” I prefer to say that “cooking is love.”

I cook because I love food in the most basic sense. Food is fundamental nourishment and a cultural link to our past or family roots. I cook because I love people. Cooking is my best and preferred form of communication. Cooking always tells a story - not necessarily a romantic or ideal narrative - but an honest account of the cook's making as well as a link to a time or place. These untold narratives have always been fundamental to my cooking.

Eating and cooking inspires storytelling in the most literal sense. A particular dish speaks volumes of its origin – whether in the mind of its creator or a physical place of origin. When I cook I see it as an opportunity to pay homage to my Italian and Mexican heritage, to honor the farmers and producers who create the materie prima, to my father who instilled in me a love for cooking and hospitality, and also to all the teachers of my trade and the dream-makers who elevated it to an art.